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"One" by Gerard Way

Lead vocalist and co-founder of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way is also a comic writer and artist. A firm believer in the healing power of music, Gerard has described the mission statement of My Chemical Romance as such: "The main thing that we've always wanted to do was to save people's lives. That sounds Mother Teresa-ish and outlandish, but it really does happen. It does make a huge difference. We've seen it in action."

Way's contribution to "Obey Your Master" was an installation of painted and fabricated landmines inspired by "One." Way explained that his original idea "was to get a pile of landmines to do as an installation. I asked a friend of mine to fabricate and cast a ton of these so they'd be cost-effective. Getting actual landmines, decommissioned or even replicas of landmines, is pretty much impossible. There were a couple of approaches I tried, but I decided upon a pile of destroyed, fragmented landmines."

Photo: Exhibit A Gallery / Sammi Doll