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"Through the Never" by Gail Potocki

Artist Gail Potocki is a contemporary symbolist whose work has been exhibited in The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Art Gallery of Toronto, The Minneapolis Museum of Art, and the H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland. "In a sense, I reinvent the wheel with each new painting," Potocki says. "My efforts must 'sing' to me on some level. If my narrative is overstated or heavy-handed, off to the burn pile it goes!"

Her piece "Through the Never" enjoys rich symbolism and a touch of romantic realism, matching well with the song's deeper themes. Watch our Black Box exclusive interview where Potocki discusses the mythological aspects of her tribute to "Through the Never," finding her artistic calling, and knowing the unknowable.

Photos: Exhibit A Gallery / Sammi Doll, Jeff Yeager, and Gail Potocki