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Bloodied Drumhead, Moscow '91

Lars Ulrich holds a bloodied Remo drumhead from a record-breaking performance at Tushino Airfield in Moscow, Russia, September 28, 1991. Estimates are that as many as 1,600,000 fans came out for the Monsters of Rock tour that featured: Metallica, AC/DC, The Black Crowes, and Pantera.

During the third song of the gig, "Harvester of Sorrow," James Hetfield led a 30-second break to rouse the crowd. According to Lars, James gave a cue to re-start the song earlier than expected. Lars was unprepared and attempted to play while still standing over his drums, bashing his hand between stick and snare.

Lars described the experience as a "pure Spinal Tap vibe - blood was gushing out for the whole rest of the gig."

Photo: Ross Halfin

From the Collection of Lars Ulrich

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Monsters of Rock
Moscow '91
Video footage featuring Lars Ulrich on "Battery," Monsters of Rock tour.

Tushino Airfield, Moscow - September 28, 1991.

From the Metallica Collection