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Mixed Media

"Damage, Inc." By Shawn Crahan

Artist Shawn "Clown" Crahan is best known as Slipknot's co-founder and percussionist. Crahan has directed music videos, helmed a film, and was primarily responsible for Slipknot's 2012 The Apocalyptic Nightmare photo book. "Sometimes I don't even like to admit that I'm 'an artist,' because then maybe I become a cliché, and then my hunger for it leaves," Crahan said. "It's taken me twenty years to convince people what the word 'art' truly means. I use the word very loosely, since to me, it represents everything."

Crahan's mixed-media sculpture dedicated to "Damage, Inc." was a striking centerpiece that anchored the "Obey Your Master" exhibition.

Photo: Exhibit A Gallery / Sammi Doll