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Damaged Justice Set

The Damaged Justice tour ran from September 11, 1988, through October 6, 1989, in support of Metallica's fourth studio album ...And Justice for All. According to Zach Harmon, the band's bass guitar tech & equipment manager, the Damage, Inc. tour set was painted gray and used as the base for the Damaged Justice set, adding "one Lady Justice statue 20' ft tall (nicknamed 'Doris'), two Lions of Strength & Majesty, tipped Scales of Justice, Doris' broken sword (a symbol of the power of justice), and Halls of Justice building architecture, which included fallen columns across the stage."


A lion set piece used on the Damaged Justice tour. The sculpture was built by UK set designer Brilliant Constructions, Ltd. and measures 64 x 29 x 31 inches. From the Metallica Collection

Faxed copy of Charlie Kail's (Brilliant Constructions, Ltd.) set design for the Damaged Justice tour set, 1988. From the Collection of James Hetfield

Front elevation stage design for the Damaged Justice tour by Brilliant Constructions, Ltd., dated August 11, 1988. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich