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The Lady Justice sculpture that graced the Damaged Justice tour stage was nicknamed "Doris" and was based on the ...And Justice For All cover art by Stephen Gorman. UK set designers Brilliant Constructions, Ltd. designed and built "Doris" to fall into pieces when pulled by ropes. The sculpture had an 8" diameter pneumatic telescopic mast running through the center. As pressure was released, the mast would lower a few feet at a time very quickly, allowing for a more controlled collapse. According to Zach Harmon, the band's bass guitar tech & equipment manager, the sculpture's "head would fall onto the stage, as well as her body, scales & sword, narrowly missing Lars and sometimes taking out a floor drum or cymbal stand...Safety ropes minded by the crew were attached to statue sections to help them land on or behind the stage and not on the band."

IMAGES: The head of the original "Doris" set piece was used on the Damaged Justice tour, September 11, 1988, through October 6, 1989. From the Metallica Collection

James Hetfield performs in the shadow of the massive "Doris" sculpture on the Damaged Justice tour, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Florida, February 11, 1989. Photo: Jeann Bernstein. From the Collection of James Hetfield

Photo from the Damaged Justice tour book featuring the band with "Doris." Photo: Ross Halfin. From the Collection of Kirk Hammett