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Mixed Media

"Eye of the Beholder" by Tony Alva

Tony Alva is an American skateboarding pioneer, entrepreneur, musician, and (as evidenced by his artwork inspired by "Eye of the Beholder") talented visual artist. In 1972, he joined the legendary Z-Boys skateboard team. They were among the first to skate empty pools, ushering the practice into the mainstream.

Clean since 2006, Alva says, "I still have my good and my bad days. I'm not perfect, and I'm not a machine, but the human experience is part of the deal. For me to go out and feel that human experience is really important, and I can't feel that when I'm under the influence of chemicals, or the influence of alcohol. I don't live in the dark anymore. I live in the light, and that's where the solution is, and that's where I plan on staying for the rest of my life."

Photo: Exhibit A Gallery / Sammi Doll