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  • 1. Lars Ulrich's scaled-down Tama drum kit on top of sandstone butte on the music video shoot, "I Disappear," Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Reservation, April 2000. From the Collection of Kirk Hammett
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"I Disappear" Music Video

Metallica shot the live performance portion of the video for "I Disappear" in Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Reservation. Lars Ulrich described the shoot in a social media post: "Filming took place on top of a sandstone butte that we could only access by helicopter...We started shooting at dawn and about twelve hours later as the day was winding down, the wind had whipped up so much that it blew over the drum kit as you can see in the last few seconds of the video…it was one of the craziest and most surreal days I’ve ever experienced, spending basically the whole day up there as helicopters and various handheld cameras captured the endless run-throughs of the song in this unbelievable and otherworldly scenery." The video, directed by Wayne Isham, was also shot in downtown areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Behind-the-scenes photos of the music video shoot for "I Disappear," Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Reservation, April 2000. From the Collection of Kirk Hammett 

Assistant Tour Manager Patrick Ledwith rides a San Francisco Police Department motorcycle while on location for the "I Disappear" music video, April 2000. From the Collection of Kirk Hammett

Contact sheet of images focusing on Kirk Hammett during the "I Disappear" video shoot, Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Reservation, April 2000. Photo: Johnny Buzzerio. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich


Pre-build, unedited video footage of Kirk Hammett from the "I Disappear" video shoot, Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Reservation, April 2000. From the Metallica Collection