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"Jump in the Studio" Photos

The Metallica Club produced a year-long interactive website called "Jump in the Studio" (also known as "JITS") which included online interactions with the band, band blog posts, and "fly on the wall footage" shot during the making of St. Anger.


Sheet of photos from the final three days of recording St. Anger, HQ, San Rafael, California, April 2003. These photos were used to announce the completion of St. Anger recording in "Jump in the Studio" and were subsequently displayed in the July 2002 issue of So What! magazine. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich

Sheet of photos from a Make-a-Wish event captured for the "Jump in the Studio" series and So What!, HQ, San Rafael, California, August 20, 2002. The band's guests received a personal tour of the studio before having lunch and jamming on several songs with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Bob Rock. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich