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Lars Ulrich Drumstick Evolution

Through the end of 1994, Lars Ulrich used wooden drumsticks wrapped in green athletic gauze or white Johnson & Johnson water-proof bandage tape, which he also used to wrap his fingers. In early 1995, after destroying many sticks (and therefore trees), Lars decided to switch to AHEAD aluminum alloy drumsticks.


Thirty-four broken and splintered drumsticks used by Lars Ulrich: twenty-four Regal Tip by Calato 5B drumsticks, two Vic Firth Jojo Mayer Signature 5B drumsticks, four Vic Firth American Classic 5B drumsticks, one ProMark 5B drumstick, one Percussion Center 5B drumstick, and two drumsticks of an unknown brand. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich

Letter of apology handwritten by Lars Ulrich in 1995 concerning his contribution to deforestation. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich

One pair of Lars Ulrich's used AHEAD Lars Ulrich Signature Series drumsticks. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich