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Digital Photograph

Opening Night

January 20, 2012, Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles was packed with people enjoying the eclectic pieces on display in the "Obey Your Master" exhibit.

Metallica has long respected the powerful relationship between art and music, so the opportunity to explore the results of that connection was an exciting one.

"Obey Your Master" was created in the mind of lifelong Metallica fan, artist, and owner of Exhibit A Gallery, Richard Villa III, along with co-curator Catharina Pedersen. The exhibit featured artists from the worlds of fine art, fashion, film, music, and skate who each interpreted one of Metallica's songs in their own unique way. The result was a diverse expression of emotion and inspiration, culminating in an event filled with paintings, posters, sculptures, and mixed media designs.

Photos: Jeff Yeager, Chris Peters, and Brian M. Viveros