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Seven Dates of Hell

Seven Dates of Hell took Metallica on their first European tour. They performed six shows in support of Venom, February 3, 1984 through February 12, 1984. ​

Original pages from James Hetfield's 1984 tour diary detailing the Seven Dates of Hell tour preparation, accommodations, venues, and gigs. From the Collection of James Hetfield​

Two of Lars Ulrich's white cotton sweatbands that were packed along with a daybook from 1984, placing these sweatbands in use sometime along the Seven Dates of Hell tour and/or the Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang tour. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich​

Audio clip of an unreleased interview with Ron Quintana discussing Seven Dates of Hell touring partners, Venom. Interview by Steffan Chirazi originally intended for the SiriusXM Mandatory ​Metallica channel, 2021. From the Metallica Collection​