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St. Anger Art

Longtime Metallica collaborator Pushead created the bold front and back cover art for 2003's St. Anger. Despite having designed some of Metallica's most recognizable images since 1986, St. Anger marked Pushead's first full album cover for the band.


Grayscale version of Pushead's St. Anger cover art with handwritten directions for printing, 2003. From the Metallica Collection

Logo samples of the design that Metallica primarily used from 2003 through 2008 are seen here on white and black backgrounds. From the Metallica Collection

Line art panel for a poster of Pushead's St. Anger artwork. From the Metallica Collection

Art mock-up on cardstock for St. Anger, 2003. This review draft includes Pushead's front and back cover art, Matt Mahurin's "St. Anger" illustration, and booklet images by Forhelvede Productions, Pascal Brun, and Comenius Röthlisberger. From the Collection of Lars Ulrich

Copy of a "St. Anger" digital print by Matt Mahurin dedicated to Lars Ulrich, 2002. The illustration was used as the cover art for the St. Anger booklet insert, the "St. Anger" CD single, the limited-edition EP Some Kind of Monster, and the documentary film Some Kind of Monster. Mahurin worked with Metallica previously, directing music videos for "The Unforgiven," "King Nothing," and "The Unforgiven II." From the Collection of Lars Ulrich

Promotional card for the documentary Some Kind of Monster featuring the artwork "St. Anger" by Matt Mahurin. The card was created to support the premiere screening of the film. From the Collection of James Hetfield

Four numbered St. Anger lithographs in seasonal colors were signed by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, and Pushead, 2004. From the Collection of James Hetfield