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St. Anger Track Sheet

Track sheet from a St. Anger recording session, May 3, 2001. Although the track sheet bears the name of Bob Rock's Maui studio, Plantation, this session took place in deserted barracks at the US Army's Presidio base in San Francisco, California.

To prepare the barracks for recording, the band installed a new SSL 4000 console, and Bob Rock sent a Studer A800 24-track tape machine, UREI 813 monitors, Studer amps, Pro Tools HD rigs, vintage mics, assorted effects, and documentation sheets from Plantation.

Rock told Sound on Sound magazine in 2004, "We went to the top floor of the army building, where two huge rooms were connected to one another, and we stuck the console in one room and all of my gear in the other, and then we ran cables down to some of the other floors where we used separate rooms for guitars and everything else. The rooms had painted walls and were very bright, and we had to give them a little bit of acoustic treatment, but overall, the whole thing was very makeshift, very guerilla-style, and it was kind of interesting, providing the start to how the album ended up: very raw, very garage-y."

Photos: Niclas Swanlund

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